Leksell GammaPlan® AtlasSpace®

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AtlasSpace® is based on the three original series of the Schaltenbrand & Wahren atlas* it offers a combination of sophisticated 3 -D matching, overlay of atlas contours on patient images, and interactive selection of displayed atlas contours. It increases confidence and ease of use by facilitating interpretation of patient images and identification of correct targets.
AtlasSpace® overlays the atlas contours from the Schaltenbrand & Wahren atlas* directly on the patient’s images. It matches the data in three dimensions by using the Talairach proportional grid, which uses eight anatomical landmarks.The atlas contours can also be well matched in all dimensions to non-symmetrical brains. Once a target area is selected the matching can be further refined using local anatomical landmarks. The atlas contours can be turned on or off individually. Groups of user selected contours can be defined so that only the relevant structures for different procedures are displayed, according to the individual surgeon’s preferences.These customized sets of structures can also be easily saved for future use by using the mini menu inserted on screen. The atlas contours are interactively labeled, and by placing the cursor on a displayed contour, the name of the contour is revealed.Neighboring contours always have different colors.
Requires an Functional Planning  license.
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