Leksell GammaPlan® WarpSpeed™

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Real-time dose planning
WarpSpeed™ provides interactive dose planning for unparalleled dose control with unmatched speed through instant updates.

This saves time for the user and provides significant benefits:

  • The workflow is very efficient. The dose distribution is optimized by modifying, adding and removing on-the-fly isocentres in any image with instant feedback.
  • WarpSpeed™ facilitates higher dose conformity thereby sparing adjacent critical organs from unnecessary exposure.
  • Treating complex targets is much easier. Thanks to WarpSpeed™ the user will have plenty of time to find the optimal dose distribution.
  • WarpSpeed™ helps to reduce total time spent in clinic.

In short - WarpSpeed™ is not only faster it also results in more effective treatments and better clinical outcome.


Article No: 1016993

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