Leksell GammaPlan® Re-Treatment™

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Re-Treatment™ add-on offers significant benefits before and after an initial treatment. In addition, you gain more efficient scheduling and optimal workflow on the day of treatment, while also enhancing the safety and confidence of additional treatments.


• Increase flexibility by using frameless images. Pre-Planning™ lets clinicians plan days before surgery.

• Plan and asses complex cases under optimal working conditions. There is no time pressure and no patient waiting for treatment during pre-planning prior to day of surgery.

• Reduce overall time for procedure. The reduction of time for treatment planning at day of surgery helps to minimize frame-on/frame-off period.

• Improve teamwork and treatment plan. Assess and optimize plans with other users or referring physicians before day of treatment.


• Make efficient follow-ups. Highly detailed reviews of treatment results are easily generated. Relevant treatment data, such as isodoses, regions and volumes, can be overlaid on follow-up images.

• Assess evolution of disease. All follow-up patient studies over several years are on-line and can be compared.


• Ensure the best possible outcome with Re-Treatment™ through additional Gamma Knife procedures.

• Enhance confidence and clinical outcome. When treating new lesions previous treatment data can be imported and overlaid on the new image studies. Follow-up(s) can include user defined regions, such as targets, risk structures and doses.

Requires the ImageMerge™ software add-on.


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