Leksell Gamma Knife®/Leksell GammaPlan® On-site training – on demand


The Leksell Gamma Knife®/Leksell Gamma Plan® On-site training is arranged on demand at the customer site. The training will be tailor-made according to customers’ requirements. The objective is to give users the opportunity to be proficient and to enhance their competence in the use of Leksell Gamma Knife® and Leksell GammaPlan®.


As per customer requirements, may include:

The principles and practice of stereotaxy and radiosurgery
Principles of frame application
Patient selection and teaching cases
Introduction and hands-on for Leksell GammaPlan®
Technical description of Leksell Gamma Knife®
Operators Console
Clearance and Emergency procedures
QA procedures

Training centres and duration

3-day at the customer site. The training is provided by a physician and/or physicist.

Further information

Please note: No patient treatments during the course. Number of participants maximum up to 10.

For more information please contact Global Learning Partnerships:

Email: globallearningpartnerships@elekta.com



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