Leksell Coordinate Frame G

Leksell Coordinate Frame G Enlarge image
Leksell Coordinate Frame G Enlarge image
Leksell® Coordinate Frame G with Straight and Curved Front Piece. The frame is engineered and manufactured in a way which enables ease of use in conjunction with most presently available imaging techniques. Includes Instructions for Use, Leksell Stereotactic System® (1007063) and Quick Reference Guide, Leksell® Coordinate Frame G (014611).
The frame consists of posterior, left side and right side bars which are permanently connected and cannot be disassembled.
The anterior bar of the frame is exchangeable so that differently-shaped front pieces can be used. The straight front piece is engraved with coordinate graduations (X axis).
Connection feet permit rapid, simple attachment to other components of the Leksell Stereotactic System®. The base of each foot is specially shaped to locate into corresponding holders on the CT, MR and X-ray equipment.


Article No: 1006442

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