Reusable Fixation Screws, Al, Kit of 5 pairs

Reusable Fixation Screws, Al, Kit of 5 pairs Enlarge image
Reusable Fixation Screws are made of coated hard aluminum. The low density and non magnetic properties of the Reusable Fixation Screw makes it the optimum choice in scanning procedures such as MR and CT. Reusable Fixation Screws have female hexagonal sockets. This set consists of 5 pairs of screws. Expected life length is one year.
Reusable Fixation Screw ensures quick and rigid skull fixation without compromising imaging quality.

The screw has a female hexagon socket that allows for flush mounting with the fixation posts, allowing optimal treatment volume with Leksell Gamma Knife® and ease-of-use with tight MR head coils. Always use Insulated Fixation Posts during MRI scanning.

When mounting the frame with the reusable screws the instrument screwdriver is used (the instrument screwdriver is not included in the kit).

Reusable Fixation Screw can be sterilized using autoclaving, STERRAD and EtO methods.

Note: Every length can also be ordered separately in minimum order of two items.


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