Fixation Screws, Titanium, Kit of 20 pairs

Fixation Screws, Titanium, Kit of 20 pairs Enlarge image
Long lasting and durable fixation screws with a female hexagonal design enables an expanded treatment volume in Leksell Gamma Knife® and increased ease-of-use in tight MR head coils. Always use Insulated Fixation Posts during MRI scanning.

The screw has a hexagon socket and is delivered in a wide range of screw lengths. This enables flush mount with the frame posts combined with maximum frame stability. The finest medical grade titanium enables extended lifetime with minimum imaging artifacts. In addition, the interaction between the screw and the post is also improved thanks to the lubricating effect of the titanium.

When mounting the frame with the titanium screws the instrument screwdriver is used (the instrument screwdriver is not included in the kit).

Note: Every length can also be ordered separately in minimum order of two items.

Titanium Fixation Screw, Kit of 20 pairs


Article No: 907999

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