Insulated Fixation Post Kit, Medium Posterior

Insulated Fixation Post Kit, Medium Posterior Enlarge image
Insulated Fixation Post Kit, Medium Posterior Enlarge image
Posterior Insulated Fixation Posts in medium length for cases when the long posterior posts are too long. For MRI as well as CT scanning. Includes 2 locking pieces and 2 locking screws.


Insulated Fixation Posts have sterile, single-use inserts for the fitting of the screws. The new design effectively insulates the fixation screw from the post, thereby minimizing the occurance of radio frequency generated thermal effects when using MR scanners. Designed for 1.5 and 3.0 T MRI scanners.

Sterile Interface
These new posts are the result of the continuous research and development of the Leksell® Stereotactic Neurosurgery instrumentation in order to meet new needs at the forefront of stereotaxy. The risk of persistent crosscontamination is reduced when Insulated Fixation Posts are used together with Disposable Fixation Screws since the insert provides a single-use interface between the patient and the frame.

Increased Access
Insulated Fixation Posts have a rounded, slimmed top that both allows for more space in tight MRI head coils and increases the available treatable volume for Gamma Knife® surgery. A further improvement provided by the plastic inserts is a smoother interface between the metal post and the metal fixation screw. This increases the lifetime of the screws as well as ease-of-use when attaching the stereotactic frame.


Article No: 1004215

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