Needle Tester

Facilitating check of clinical needle straightness before surgery, to be used in the OR under sterile conditions. Can be used together with all needles provided by Elekta Instrument AB.
Distinct and easy method

Provides an easy and distinct method to check that the needles are straight at the time of surgery. Even the slightest bend is easily seen with this tool.

Needle Tester is compatible with all our stereotaxy needles and electrodes. It is also possible to mount the Elekta MicroDrive™ for checking guide tubes and MER electrodes.

Needle straightness is checked by rotating the instrument and comparing with engraved lines behind the needle. It is a very fast, easy and distinct method.

Optional Sterilization Tray for Needle Tester with part no 1001015 is available for storage and sterilization.
Included in the kit with part no 1000351 is:

1 Needle tester base

2 pcs of Clamp Screws

1 Guide clamp with clamp screw

1 Stop clamp with clamp screw

1 Instructions for Use


Article No: 1000351

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