Open MR Indicator

Open MR Indicator Enlarge image
Open MR Indicator Enlarge image
Open MR Indicator Enlarge image
Open MR Indicator is used with Leksell® Coordinate Frame G for creating accurate coordinate referencing when performing MR scanning. The two side plates enable lower frame fixations & improved patient comfort.
The kit contains; 1 Plate Holder, 1 Right Side Plate, 1 Left Side Plate, 8 Side Plate Screws, 6 Sealing Screws, 2 Attachment Clips for Indicator, 1 Side Plate Screwdriver, 1 Sealing Screwdriver, 1 Copper Sulfate Solution 0.25 L, 1 Filling Needle.

It is easy to use thanks to the clear-cut design with only lateral plates and the handle-like connection between the indicator box and Leksell® Coordinate Frame G. The open design allows fast  and obstacle free mounting as well as improved patient comfort.

The solid, gap-free attachment to the frame provides very high and stable accuracy. Since Open MR Indicator doesn´t have a top plate there is no limit as to how low the frame may be mounted.

Note! Open MR Indicator only generates 6 fiducials. Other planning software than Leksell SurgiPlan® or Leksell GammaPlan® may require 9 fiducials.


Article No: 1006559

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