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MR Indicator with five side plates is used during MR scanning for target localization in stereotactic neurosurgery and radiosurgery.
The purpose of the MR indicator is to impose fiducials on images of the patient acquired during magnetic resonance scanning. These fiducials are then used for determining target coordinates. They are also used for image slice alignment by treatment planning software. The indicator has a marker system designed to ensure that fiducials ar visible on the MR images. The system consists of N-shaped channels in each panel. The channels are filled with CuSO4 solution, which imposes the fiducials on to the images during the MR scan. Usually four sets of fiducials are imposed, with three separate fiducials in each set. The locations of the fiducial sets on an image show the relative position of the patient's skull in stereotactic space. The position of the center fiducial in relation to the other two fiducials in each set is indicative of the image slice position.

Also included in the kit 2 Attachment clips for Indicator, 2 Locking Screws, 1 MR Indicator Screwdriver, 8 Screws 3x6 mm Nylon and 8 O-rings 2.3x1.0 mm.


Article No: A0820-07

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