MR-Adapter for Philips Quadrature Head Coil

MR-Adapter for Philips Quadrature Head Coil Enlarge image
This MR adapter is designed for Philips 1.5 T Quadrature Head Coil length 30.5 cm. Head coil is similar to corresponding for adapter with art no 1014413, but is approximately 20 mm longer. Coil diameter is 275 mm.
Each adapter comprises a base which attaches to the MR scanner table and provides a rigid platform for the frame support. The MR adapter is constructed from a nonmagnetic material. The exact appearance of the adapter and the means by which it is attached to the scanner table vary according to the type of scanner. A range of MR adapters to suit different designs of MR scanners is available from Elekta.

For further details on which adapter you require for your scanner, please contact Elekta.


Article No: A0420-26

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