CT-Table Fixation Short Siemens Somatom

CT-Table Fixation Short Siemens Somatom Enlarge image
This table fixation is designed for all Siemens Somatom and Philips Brilliance with a 8 x 50 mm slot for headrest fixation. Also to be used in combination with Extend™ system. This product has replaced the product with article number A0401-19.
The CT table fixation is fitted to the scanner table, usually in place of the headrest. It is designed to hold the CT adapter, coordinate frame, CT indicator and the skull of the patient firmly in the correct position and orientation within the scanner.

A range of CT table fixations to suit different designs of CT scanners is available from Elekta.

For further details on which table fixation you require for your scanner, please contact Elekta.


Article No: 1014150

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