X-Ray Indicator with Markers

X-Ray Indicator with Markers                                Enlarge image

The X-ray indicator with markers is used to impose fiducials on X-ray image of the patient to be used for target localization during treatment planning.

To be used with Leksell SurgiPlan® and Leksell GammaPlan®.

The purpose of the X-ray indicator is to impose fiducials on x-ray images of the patient. These fiducials are then used for target localization, and for image alignment in treatment planning software. The indicator has an integral fiducial system designed to ensure that fiducials are visible on x-ray. Two different sets of fiducials are imposed on the image; one set represents the frame plane nearest the x-ray source and the other set represents the frame plane furthest from the source.
Also included in the kit are 2 Attachment Clips for Indicator.


Article No: A0860-04

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