Leksell Vantage Cross-Hairs

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Leksell® Vantage Cross-Hairs Kit in stainless steel is used with Leksell® Vantage Stereotactic System® to intraoperatively check the placement of inserted electrodes, catheters or other instruments in relation to the set target point.

The cross-hair is mainly used during X-Ray imaging. It verifies the set target position for the y and z target coordinates. The cross-hair needs to be in a straight line with each other and perpendicular to the X-ray imaging system. The center of the Cross-Hairs Kit coincides with the center-of-arc point. This point is the stereotactic target if the instrument stop is at zero position and the instrument working length is 190 mm.

The plates are installed into the rings of the support arc of the arc system. 


Article No: 1055306

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