Leksell Vantage Stereotactic System On Site Application Training

Onsite technical application training that provides clinical users with adequate training on safe, effective and efficient use of Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System. Training is carried out during one full day at the hospital site by a certified trainer. Theoretical lectures are combined with hands-on practical exercises covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System
  • Clinical workflow and detailed product description including:
    • Leksell® Vantage™ Head Frame
    • Leksell® Vantage™ Frame Holder
    • CT imaging accessoires
    • MR imaging accessories
    • Leksell® Vantage™ Arc System
    • Center-of-arc principles
  • Post-treatment care of the equipment including:
    • Cleaning, sterilization, and lubrication
  • System maintenance
  • Important safety instructions


Article No: 1523444

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