Precise patient positioning

BellySTEP™ foam based positioning system provides one of the most comfortable devices available on the market. The three different size belly inserts guarantee customized bowel displacement. This allows high precision repositioning in routine pelvic and belly positioning.

BellySTEP is designed to reduce the irradiated small bowel volume of patients to facilitate a proper and comfortable prone position during pelvic area treatment.

BellySTEP consists of a foam based baseplate covered with artificial leather, interchangeable belly inserts and the BellySTEP prone pillow. All BellySTEP parts are made of polyethylene foam which offers patients high comfort without compromising stability.,

BellySTEP allows for patient friendly, non-invasive positioning whenever accurate and reproducible patient positioning is essential for optimized therapy schedules. It simplifies and expedites the radiation therapy procedure to increase time efficiency.

In addition, even MRI or PET planning is possible since BellySTEP consists of high quality metal-free and non conductive materials.

BellySTEP™ Simple Steps

  • Set the BellySTEP baseplate on the table top.bellystep_a1.jpg
  • Select the appropriate belly insert and snap it into the baseplate.bellystep_a2.jpg
  • Position the patient onto the BellySTEP, starting cranially and sliding into the caudal direction. The pubic bone must be positioned in the caudal aperture for an optimal reduction of the small bowel volume.bellystep_a3.jpg
  • Position the patient‘s head on the prone position head support. Place the crossed arms of the patient over the BellySTEP prone position pillow.bellystep_a4.jpg