Modular Couchtop - Uncompromised Patient Setup

New from Elekta, Connexion™ Modular Couchtop is the next generation couchtop system based on an award winning modular design. Individual modules can be easily configured to meet specific patient requirements, making an ideal table top solution for both conventional
treatments as well as radiotherapy techniques such as Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Volume Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), and Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT).

How do you Support Multiple Treatment Setups?

With a growing range of imaging and treatment techniques available, couchtops need to be able to support different approaches without compromising the set-up time. With its unique modular design, Connexion removes the restrictions of a single couchtop, allowing you to adapt the couch to individual patients needs. Building on Elekta’s choice in patient positioning solutions, Connexion offers clinics the flexibility to select the most appropriate
couchtop providing personalized efficiency, and strengthening the ability to optimize treatment outcomes.

Connexion™ - Easy and Efficient Workflow

  • All Connexion modules are mounted and removed in the same way. Set the module at a slight angle so that the small safety pins on both sides of the base board interlock. Slide the module straight in until you hear a click and the module is flush with the baseboard. js170_65_small.jpg
  • js170_68_small.jpg
  • To mount the inlay of the Connexion Central Opening Module, simply place it into the aperture of the module. To remove it, press against the inlay from below and remove it.js170_67_small.jpg
  • To remove a module, open the locking mechanism by spinning the wheel and pulling the handle on one side of the base board.js170_70_small.jpg

A Single Solution to Meet a Range of Clinical Needs

Patient throughput is an essential part of any clinic. Connexion allows clinics to maintain this essential requirement with easily exchangeable, lightweight modules by providing seamless transition of the individual modules. As a single solution, adaptable to suit the individual patient treatment needs, Connexion supports a number of modules designed to fulfill specific treatment indications.

Dosimetric Properties

Manufactured by Medical Intelligence Medizintechnik GmbH