iBEAM® evo Couchtop

The clear vision upgrade

The iBEAM® evo Couchtop is in perfect synergy with modern radiation therapy techniques, such as IMRT, IGRT and a range of imaging modalities. IGRT requires high-quality kV or MV imaging to enable optimized image registration for misalignment detection and subsequent correction.

The iBEAM evo Couchtop is the next generation couchtop for both imaging and treatment, providing outstanding in situ imaging quality and minimizing artifacts.

Conventional couchtops offer dedicated treatment areas with relatively low attenuation. However, these often contain metal and other solid support structures that attenuate the beam creating limitations to image quality and beam angles. The iBEAM evo Couchtop unique homogenous carbon fiber sandwich design contains no metal in the treatment area and offers improved radiotranslucency with a minimized attenuation spread across the range of beam entry angles, providing the perfect solution for IMRT, VMAT and IGRT.

The improved homogenous construction of the iBEAM evo Couchtop provides high rigidity and strength, thus eliminating local patient sagging (as can occur with “tennis
racket” inserts) and permitting increased patient load of 200 kg (440 lb.) with less table flex. The integrated indexing system optimizes patient positioning accuracy and reproducibility, reducing patient setup time, minimizing patient setup inaccuracies and maximizing the stability of positioning devices.

The iBEAM evo Couchtop interchangeable extensions are light, easy to attach and enable flexible patient positioning, rapid patient setup and improved clinical workflow.

The iBEAM evo Couchtop also addresses the clinical needs of intracranial and extracranial stereotactic treatments, providing a solid foundation for stereotactic hardware (e.g. BodyFIX® and HeadFIX® stereotactic frames and Fraxion™ frame).

iBEAM evo Couchtop quick-release mechanism with no metal components

  • iBEAM evo Couchtop quick-release mechanism with no metal components.ibeam_evo_couchtop_b1.jpg
  • ibeam_evo_couchtop_b2.jpg
  • ibeam_evo_couchtop_b3.jpg
  • iBEAM evo Couchtop setup with Fraxion™ Frame. iBEAM evo Couchtop setup with HeadFIX® System.ibeam_evo_couchtop_b4.jpg
  • iBEAM evo Couchtop removable side rails.ibeam_evo_couchtop_b5.jpg

Dosimetric Properties

Manufactured by Medical Intelligence Medizintechnik GmbH