Motion Management

Motion Management

The primary aim of radiation therapy treatments is to deliver an optimal dose to the target volume whilst minimizing dose to the surrounding normal structures.

Although increasingly complex plans are being employed to achieve this clinical goal, there remain a number of challenges posed by the inaccuracies of treating patients, where tumors and critical structures are constantly moving and adapting with normal physiological functions.

Firstly the respiratory cycle of the patient results in large inaccuracies being introduced into both the planning and delivery of radiation treatment, especially in the abdominal and thoracic regions. Secondly, the anatomical positioning of critical structures relative to the target volume can be such that the prescribed dose cannot be delivered without an unacceptable volume of critical structure being irradiated, such as the heart for left-sided breast treatments.

Various methods have been designed to gain control of respiratory motion. However the best clinical solution will be able to easily cope with a number of unique clinical scenarios, such as applying simple and efficient breath holds at an applicable threshold level.

The Elekta solution for managing the challenges outlined above is Active Breathing Coordinator™, a purpose-designed solution enabling accurate and reproducible breath holds to be repeatedly applied. It allows clinicians to pause a patient’s breathing at a precisely indicated volume and co-ordinate treatment delivery, or imaging with this pause.

Active Breathing Coordinator adds precision and repeatability to the well-conceived concept of deep inspiration breath hold. The system is entirely portable, allowing it to be used in any treatment or imaging room.

Active Breathing Coordinator with simulation and/or CT simulation, provides enhanced data with which to plan more precise treatments.

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