ABC R2.0 Full Upgrade Kit

ABC R2.0 Full Upgrade Kit Enlarge image

This upgrade allows customers installed with Active Breathing Coordinator R1.02
to obtain the features included in R2.0.


  • Modified connection port on the mirror support system supports the Transducer turbine and pickup assembly and minimizes strain on the transducer cable.
  • Color coding kit allows the user to identify the component parts of the respiratory
    system, to aid easy identification during assembly/ disassembly.
  • Higher specification laptop with Windows XP, offering a more stable platform and
    ease of data.


  • Increased response time of the balloon valve, thereby improving the threshold accuracy capture.
  • New user front end to allow for easier navigation and selection of control
  • New record and pause functionality allowing specific selection of data captured in
    each session.
  • New tools to allow retrospective analysis including:
    - View current session traces
    - Import up to 5 previous session traces
    - Align respiratory traces to specific breath-hold’s
    - Manipulation of view, including zoom, pan and reset tools.
    - Volume and time measurement tools
  • New format for Session History and Output File viewing.


Article No: TRT 3701

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