Precise patient positioning

BreastSTEP guarantees high comfort and simple positioning, assuring a reproducible patient position throughout the total course of treatment. The BreastSTEP is designed to improve the accuracy of radiation therapy for the breast, thorax and upper abdomen areas in a patient friendly and non-invasive manner. BreastSTEP consists of a base plate and an upper plate made of a low-density foam core covered with thin layers of carbon fiber. It allows the beam to pass through the BreastSTEP from any angle with minimal attenuation.

Further features of the BreastSTEP are the indexed aperture for placing head supports, the bottom stop and the adjustable height arm and wrist support, allowing comfortable, easy, customized patient positioning. BreastSTEP can be positioned at four different upper heights, 18 upper arm and eight lower arm options which comfortably position and supports the arms above the head in supine position. BreastSTEP can be used on all brands of couches available on the market for diagnostic and radiotherapy settings.

BreastSTEP™ Simple Steps

  • Set the BreastSTEP on the tabletop.breaststep_a1.jpg
  • Select the appropriate position of the upper body from four different possibilities using the height adjustment system.breaststep_a2.jpg
  • Select and adjust the appropriate position of the slide stop.breaststep_a3.jpg
  • Select the appropriate position of the upper arms with different heights and angles of the arm support system.breaststep_a4.jpg
  • Adjust the wrist support systems to the appropriate position.breaststep_a5.jpg
  • Position the patient‘s head on the head support and place the patient‘s arms above the head into the arm and wrist supports.breaststep_a6.jpg