Patient-specific cranial immobilization

Accuracy and precision in patient positioning is a must when delivering safe and effective cranial radiation therapy. The key is having a single solution for immobilization which allows you to choose the technique best suited for your patient. Fraxion™ is the first to introduce an innovative solution which brings all the proven immobilization options into one single  solution. This allows immobilization to be tailored to patients’ needs using one system,providing individual assurance.

How can Fraxion meet the needs of each individual patient?

  • Unique Vacuum Mouthpiece - The patient-specific vacuum mouthpiece and head cushion provides non-invasive accurate and comfortable patient immobilization.mg_1788_1060px.jpg
  • Thermoplastic Mask Nose & Mouthpiece Combination - The thermoplastic mask can be used in combination with the vacuum mouthpiece to provide flexibility in set-up options, allowing optimal set-up to best fit the patient’s needs.mg_1786_1_1060px.jpg
  • Thermoplastic Mask Head Immobilization - The partial and full head thermoplastic masks provide alternative immobilization options in non-invasive setup, without compromising on accuracy.mg_1793_1060px.jpg
  • Target Positioner - The target positioner provides accurate target localization for stereotactic planning, imaging and treatment.mg_1791_1060px.jpg

Attenuation Measurements for Fraxion Frame