Robotic Positioning

Achieving Accuracy

One of the major obstacles to achieving accuracy in the delivery of radiation therapy is patient positioning and organ motion. The introduction of Elekta Synergy® and Elekta Axesse™ minimizes the uncertainties arising from target motion by providing 3D volume imaging at the time of treatment, highlighting any positional discrepancies before treatment begins. This allows clinicians to reduce margins with confidence, escalate dose and move towards hypofractionated treatment regimes. HexaPOD™ evo RT System completes the image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) localization chain by enabling accurate and remote geometric correction of any discrepancies observed and then detecting any table movement before treatment.

A Unique Patient Positioning System

HexaPOD evo RT System is a unique fully robotic patient positioning system with six degrees of freedom to correct for any misalignments detected by X-ray volume imaging (XVI) or portal imaging, provided by the Elekta range
of digital linear accelerators. The computer controlled robotic treatment couch allows six independent degrees of freedom: x, y, z, pitch, roll and yaw and is able to achieve submillimeter 6D conformal positioning accuracy. HexaPOD evo RT System comprises the HexaPOD evo RT Couchtop, equipped with the new generation homogenous carbon fiber couchtop – based on the iBEAM® evo Couchtop and iGUIDE® system – including the camera tracking system and control consoles, both inside and outside the treatment room.

Fast and Flexible Cost Saving Tool

HexaPOD evo RT System technology is compatible with a range of Elekta linear accelerators and, when integrated with the iGUIDE software, enables fast, flexible and automated patient set-up. This makes it a time and cost
saving tool for any modern radiation therapy department. i

iGUIDE® Tracking System and iGUIDE Software

The intuitive user interface of the iGUIDE software uses clinical workflows to aid the user and supports accurate positioning of the HexaPOD evo RT Couchtop to the defined isocenter co-ordinates, relative table position or a
new position based on correctional data received from XVI, using all six degrees of freedom. The iGUIDE software is accessible inside and outside the treatment room. HexaPOD evo RT System can also be controlled manually
by using the handheld control when required. The iGUIDE Tracking System along with the iGUIDE software controls the robotic couchtop and validates
the table position. The high-precision camera tracks the markers on the reference frame in real time, making it possible to calculate the position of the robotic couchtop and patient.

HexaPOD™ evo RT System Workflow

HexaPOD™ evo RT System can interface to XVI where image registration is carried out, which provides the table correction vectors required to compensate for any observed organ, or patient movement. All table
correction movements can be remotely performed by HexaPOD evo RT Couchtop and no additional table movements are required to correct for any misalignment.

  • Select patient prescription on iGUIDE® software.hexapod_evo_b1.jpg
  • The patient lies on the treatment couch in the BodyFIX® vacuum cushion.hexapod_evo_b2.jpg
  • The iGUIDE Reference Frame is placed over the patient and the patient is aligned according to their tattoos.hexapod_evo_b3.jpg
  • Once aligned to tattoos, the iGUIDE software registers the patient and then the relative table movements are made.hexapod_evo_b4.jpg
  • The kV panel and collimator are moved into position.hexapod_evo_c1.jpg
  • An Elekta VolumeView™ image is acquired.hexapod_evo_c2.jpg
  • Elekta VolumeView image registration with reference CT scan to achieve translations and rotations required to correct the patient position.hexapod_evo_c3.jpg
  • iGUIDE software automatically moves the HexaPOD evo RT Couchtop to the corrected isocenter position as defined by the XVI system.hexapod_evo_c4.jpg
  • Operator selects the Unload position at the HexaPOD evo RT Couchtop and lowers the Precise table for the patient to stand up conveniently.hexapod_evo_d2.jpg

Why HexaPOD™ evo RT System?

  • Automatic data transfer from XVI Positional Error Correction values to iGUIDE
  • Workflow integration with XVI 4.5 or above
  • Improved patient access with lower loading and unloading height
  • Increased patient clearance on the linac
  • Computer-controlled robotic treatment couchtop enables a physical rotation point at the tumor iscocenter
  • Six degrees of freedom (x, y, z, roll, pitch and yaw)
  • Remote positioning correction

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