Precise patient positioning

WingSTEP™ enables easy positioning, precise repositioning and high patient comfort during breast and thorax treatment. With its excellent robustness and quality, this patient friendly and non-invasive positioning system is a novel device designed to improve the accuracy of radiation therapy for the breast, thorax and upper abdomen areas.

The WingSTEP comfortably positions and supports the arms above the head in supine position. The new system allows natural movement of the upper and lower arm, at the same time guaranteeing very precise, comfortable and easily reproducible positioning. The head cushion is indexed, assuring a reproducible patient position throughout the total course of treatment.

The WingSTEP, especially adapted to fit through all common CT gantries to achieve precise planning, simplifies and expedites the radiation therapy procedure to increase time efficiency. In addition, even MRI or PET planning is possible since WingSTEP consists of high quality metal-free materials.

The WingSTEP can be used on all brands of couches available on the market for diagnostic and radiotherapy settings.

WingSTEP™ Simple Steps

  • Select the appropriate pillow for the patient and place it on the WingSTEP.wingstep_a1.jpg
  • Before first use:Click the upper and lower arm supports onto the ball joint.wingstep_a2.jpg
  • Set the WingSTEP system on the treatment table.wingstep_a3.jpg
  • Position the patient‘s head on the head support. Place the patient‘s arms above the head into the upper and lower arm supports.wingstep_a4.jpg